Excess Materials Exchange – The Digital Platform

Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is a digital platform where organisations can exchange any type of excess material or product across industries. Organisations can safely register sensitive material or waste data and follow it through the supply chain. This data is used to automatically match these streams to high-value next uses. The solution enables significant improvements in resource efficiency and reduction in waste generation whilst reducing operational costs as well as environmental impacts. The platform launched June 2020, has identified matches representing more than 100.000 tons.


The EME platform reduces the environmental impact by 60% and increases the financial value of materials by 110%.


Founded in 2017

Maayke Aimée Damen and Christian Van Maaren, the two founders of EME, believe in a world without waste. After a few years of development, pilots and testing, EME officially launched its digital platform in June 2020. The EME platform is now used by many different companies and municipalities in the Netherlands and across Europe. The next step for EME is to scale up the platform, onboard more clients and open the marketplace to the public. The scalability and cross-industrial approach of the EME platform makes it a worldwide solution to accelerate the circular economy. EME is now looking for investors to scale up.