FIBI-buffer – sustainable product protection

FIBI-buffer is an eco-friendly alternative for EPS or PU foam used for product protection during transport. It is a worldwide unique (patented) product with the following combination of characteristics: high-quality protection, universally applicable, price competitive, multiple reusable, biobased and 100% compostable.


"FIBI-buffer is: biobased, reusable, and 100% compostable, a final possibility to be circulair like the example of nature"

Arjan van der Plas, Director FIBI-BUFFER

Great plans ahead

The company’s starting point was the problem of single-use plastics in de packaging industry. Of these materials, especially foams are still difficult to recycle. That is when they identified an opportunity to create an innovative solution. Some of their milestones are related to the development of materials/machinery vs matching the market needs and achieving the result of a first circle of happy clients after the delivery phase.

FIBI-buffer has recently reached a stable network of partners related to materials, machinery, production, and sales to be able to produce on large scale. Together with local partners in Europe, US and Canada, this network has set scaling-up and copy-pasting their proven concept in these new markets as the next steps soon to be taken.