Fresh Ventures Studio – Revolutionizing ownership while transforming the food system

Fresh Ventures is a venture-building program and startup studio based in The Netherlands that tries to address the challenges of the food system. It co-founded companies with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs to address systemic challenges in the food system. The Startup studio aims to empower top talent to co-found scalable impact companies for a regenerative & circular food system.

Accelerating a circular and regenerative food system and cultivating the social soil within which their founders and ventures can healthily thrive without compromising on systemic impact is in the core of Fresh’s businesses. The Start-up tries to address critical barriers and unlock key capacities that enable the broader sector to shift to a fundamentally sustainable state.


We call them ventures for a reason. Not 'startups' but brave people journeying into the unknown whilst 'presuming' they can build organisations which systemically transform the food sector.

Huub Dekkers, Co-Founder, Team & Recruitment Lead

Steward-ownership at Fresh Ventures Studio

Fresh works with about 30 entrepreneurs every year to co-found between 2-4 mission-driven ventures in the regenerative and circular agri-food space. Successful ventures receive seed funding from their core investors.

These investments are based on steward-ownership and revenue-based financing principles: rather than making an exit in future funding rounds, investors are repaid over time from a % of revenues, free cash flow, or gross profits until they have achieved a predetermined return on their investment, at which point their shares are automatically dissolved and the venture is able to operate independently again. Through this investment methodology, the Studio transforms the agrifood system towards a regenerative, circular and resilient state.

Currently, the Studio is looking for people with the ambition to transform the food system and the entrepreneurial itch to address the world’s most critical challenges by founding a new venture with them.


Creating solid ventures to a fairer and more sustainable world.

Fresh Ventures aims to nudge the entire system in a more desirable direction, creating a positive impact that exceeds the narrow bounds of its surface-level activities. The ventures ought to be mission-driven, working with a razor-sharp focus on accelerating the transition to a regenerative and circular food system. And to make that possible while accelerating the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world, the company advocates that it is essential to rethink ownership.