GIDARA – to unlock maximum value out of waste

GIDARA was founded in 2019 with the aim of unlocking maximum value from non-recyclable waste by converting it into cleaner valuable end products, namely biofuels and circular chemicals, using patented technologies.

As currently only around 80% of waste is recycled in The Netherlands, GIDARA wants to make sure that the remaining 20% is also recycled. The aim is to live in a world where no waste is wasted, and where it is possible to unlock the maximum value from non-recyclable waste.


Converting non-recyclable waste into renewable fuels

GIDARA is promoting a circular economy system by placing non-recyclable waste to use and, at the same time, minimising overall waste in the entire process. To do so, the first plant installed is able to produce an average of 87.5 KTA (kilotons per annum) of advanced methanol from 175 KTA of non-recyclable waste. 

GIDARA Energ’s High-Temperature Winkler (HTW® 2.0) technology – leader technology for the gasification process, with decades of waste gasification experience at a commercial scale – that can be utilised to produce valuable circular products and advanced biofuels for use in the road transport, marine, and aviation sectors. By replacing fossil resources, these sectors can reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable. 

GIDARA Energy’s objective is to meet the demand for cleaner fuels, reduce global carbon emissions, reduce waste, and create a more circular system. Thus, it is focused on green technologies and acts as a bridge between combined waste, biobased feedstocks, and biobased fuel markets.