Green Serendipity – Bioplastics for packaging and products

Green Serendipity is an international consultancy for advice on renewable plastics for packaging and products. With renewable plastics, we refer to bio-based plastics, CO2-based plastics, and recycled plastics. We advise and develop circular concepts and strategies for packaging and products with an international team of experts. We also connect the dots between supply and demand and vice versa. We operate completely independently. Visit our Bioplastics Hub in Amsterdam or link to us for an online consult. In a world where plastics collection and recycling only takes place in about 10% of all countries, just focusing on recycling is nót enough. We believe that we need to develop smart, innovative nature positive materials for a society without harmful waste and microplastics.


“Green Serendipity contributed to the concept of our new circular packaging which won the NL Packaging Award 2017.”

Jasper Gabriëlse, founder of Seepje

Biobased & Circular Milk Can

They developed the concept of a completely circular milk can based on sugar cane polyethylene. The challenge was to create a safe, food approved, circular and light weight milk can that fits into the circular economy of the future. Sleeve and cap were not overlooked, as part of the circular concept. The milk can is completely recyclable together with fossil based PE, including cap and sleeve. The used biobased polyethylene is ISCC PLUS certified (a scheme certifying the sustainable production of agricultural feedstocks, including the chain of custody).

The United Nations has acknowledged this sugar cane based polyethylene as one of the most transformational cases in sustainable development in Brazil. The concept was created together in assignment with Farm Dairy and is available in retail. Last year this milk can won the runner up price of the NL Packaging Awards for sustainability!

Because of the use of biobased materials, there is no depletion of fossil resources. The goal is to fit packaging perfectly into nature’s ecosystems, looking at the best options for environment and society.

How can we fit packaging and products into our nature ecosystems?

Green Serendipity works together with retail and brand owners on future proof sustainable packaging. With their expertise and practical approach, they already won several European Sustainability prices for circular concepts and packaging design.

Their clients range from start-ups & brand owners to multi-nationals, from government & knowledge institutes to communication and media agencies, investment agencies and bankers.

Other available services include workshops, like ‘Introduction in Bioplastics’ or ‘Circular Packaging’.

Adapting to the current times, their consultancy is now also possible via Skype.