Greentom – The greenest stroller on planet earth

The Greentom stroller shows that green, smart, and design can go hand in hand. This innovative and functional product consists of only 34 unique components made of post-consumer plastic waste and can be assembled anywhere in the world in just 5 minutes. Local production and short assembly times also mean less CO2 emission.

Greentom develops a buggy that closes its loops locally and thus has a minimum impact on the environment by making the world colorful and making the future of the kids’ greener. The Greentom Classic is made from 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) of high-quality recycled plastic and 74 recycled PET bottles. After use, the Greentom products can be recycled and reused. A proper circular solution creates no additional waste, uses waste to clean up the environment, and creates high-quality new products. Greentom products have the highest child safety standards and are tested and certified around the world. Good for you and good for the world!


"Let's create a green tomorrow!"


Smart and green design: functional, colourful and simple products

The first Greentom stroller was designed with the planet and the next generation in mind. This was the starting point for founding a company with a unique vision in 2013. As a result, Greentom has won several international design and innovation awards, indicating that the smart eco-design philosophy resonates with designers and users alike. In 2016, Greentom was named “the best of the best” and won the Red Dot Design Award. Now, Greentom has more than 50,000 satisfied users in more than 35 countries, while large markets such as the United States and China are still untapped.

Furthermore, Greentom’s mission is to build clever, efficient, practical, and sustainable products to color the world and your children’s future slightly greener. They believe that less is more. So it starts at the drawing board by optimizing all parts of the product. And it ends with the most comfortable, environmentally sustainable, and accessible stroller on planet Earth. Moreover, Greentom offers multiple practical and beautiful accessories such as shopping bags, car seat adapters, and footmuffs.