Groot Packaging – Rethink floral packaging

Groot Packaging has one simple mission: “waste-free flowers”.

There is too much plastic waste with flowers.

As a closed-loop product FlowerPaper has a low carbon footprint. Groot Packaging manages the entire production chain locally from collecting the flower remnants to producing FlowerPaper packaging. In every kilogram of FlowerPaper, one kilogram of fresh flower waste is used. The production of FlowerPaper is tailored to customers’ preferences, colours, thicknesses, and other chosen characteristics.


"At the beginning of the COVID crisis, many flowers were discarded, which prompted the launch of Groot Packaging and the development of FlowerPaper. This special paper was developed in collaboration with students from TU Delft. We continue to work closely with students from various universities to constantly innovate and create the most beautiful and sustainable flower packaging with a fresh perspective."

Shelly de Groot, Director of Groot Packaging

Flower Paper: innovative paper made from flower waste to wrap flowers in.

Groot Packaging has created FlowerPaper and produces tailor-made sheets, sleeves, stickers, and cards for (online) bouquet makers across Europe. The collaborative approach that Groot Packaging has with Schut Papier in the Netherlands, ensures smooth production and continuous improvement.

FlowerPaper is thicker than “standard” paper giving it a premium appearance, and allowing the paper to stand in water for several days without absorbing water. Flower fibers also clearly visible in the paper which attracts the attention of the customers.

Groot Packaging operates with a keen focus on environmental responsibility, and prioritises local production to minimise the ecological footprint. Groot Packaging is FSC-certified.

In essence, Groot Packaging’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and circularity makes FlowerPaper a standout choice in the floral industry. With customisable options and producing in a closed-loop production system, Groot Packaging not only delivers top-notch products but also contributes to a greener future.