Itero – turning waste into a resource

Since 2020, Itero has been operating through a pyrolysis technology that converts hard-to-recycle waste plastic back into a chemical feedstock for brand new circular plastics products. By complementing traditional recycling methods, Itero’s technology diverts plastic from landfill and incineration, increases recycling rates and reduces dependency on crude oil. 

Through tests and optimisation of the products and process at the West Lond Pilot Plant, Itero gained a comprehensive understanding of processing real-world waste. This process will be expanded at the industrial-scale demonstration facility at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in the Netherlands already in 2025.


Itero’s technologies in action

Itero’s main technology is the West London Pilot Plant, which has been operating since 2020 and processes real-world waste for research and development. It is located in Iver, near Heathrow, and undertakes R&D and feasibility testing of real-world feedstock and offtake, as well as process parameter tuning and product quality optimisation. The West London Pilot Plant has been deployed under real-world conditions to explore the chemical recycling potential for a range of materials, starting from plastic. 

Over the years, the demand for circular solutions for hard-to-recycle plastic continues to increase, but so is Itero’s experience and understanding of the mixed plastic recycling process. Hence, Itero has been able to scale-up the pyrolysis technology to support the uplifting of recycling rates, and develop a new  demonstration plant – currently still in development – at the Brightlands Chemelot in The Netherlands. 

The Brightlands Chemelot demonstration facility will be able to process 27,000 tonnes of mixed and contaminated waste plastics per year. This will increase the potential of Itero’s technology while providing valuable research and development opportunities for testing different feedstocks and optimisation of processes and products. Furthermore, because of its position in the Province of Limburg, at the heart of Western Europe, Itero will be able to have easy access to the value chain from plastic to petrochemicals and waste management.