Leadax – World’s most sustainable flat roofing and flashing.

Leadax develops and manufactures 100% circular materials out of waste for waterproofing buildings. The materials are recycled plastic waste (r-PVB) as raw material for construction, such as flat roofing and flashing. Leadax operates on a global scale and is ready to accelerate its impact.

The products are made of discarded PVB waste (polyvinyl butyral), a plastic foil used in laminated glass (e.g., car windows and safety glass). Leadax designed its products to be easily dismantled, recycled and used again as raw material for new products at the end of their lifecycle.


“Our aim is to use today’s waste to prevent global waste forever”

Roeland van Delden, CEO Leadax

Successful upscaling

Fossil fuels are running out, so Leadax wanted to create future-proof products without compromising on quality. In 2015 Leadax identified PVB waste as raw material for producing building materials. After two years of extensive research and development, their first flashing product entered the market. However, even when all the toxic lead in the world would be replaced by Leadax Flashing, there still would be 95% of the PVB waste pile left each year. And that’s just in Europe alone.

For this reason, Leadax continues to develop new products. In 2021 several new products will be launched, including flat roofing. This is a disruptive innovation and is the new and fifth standard in roofing products, next to EPDM, PVC, TPO, and bitumen.

The company has won several awards (e.g., ING Circular Entrepreneur Award 2020 and Netherlands Innovation Award 2019), was runner-up at the Global Innovations Awards 2020, and is a sponsor of the World Expo Dubai 2020 (which will be organized in 2021 due to Covid-19). Currently, Leadax is expanding its market and redefines the definition of ‘waste’ globally.

Leadax products are the most sustainable waterproofing solutions in the world, made from recycled plastic waste!

For more information visit: www.leadax.com