Leapp – ICT refurbishment

Leapp refurbishes Apple products and offers ICT equipment with a renewed warranty, a technical check on 50 parts and a fresh installation of the software. This way Leapp gives a second life to tens of thousands of Apple products every year. Not only does it contribute to an environmentally friendly society, but it also saves a lot of money.


"Buying a refurbished product is not just environmentally-friendly but also saves costs."

Help saving the planet

By refurbishing Apple products Leapp decreases the environmental impact of electronics. The manufacturing process of new devices releases CO2 and creates hazardous waste. Mobile devices like the iPhone also contain rare minerals like cobalt, tin, and gold. About 40% of the world’s excavated cobalt is used in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries in smartphones and laptops. Giving those products a second life has a huge impact on the need for rare minerals. Besides refurbishing Apple products leapp also uses specially designed transport boxes. Instead of having a box in a box, Leapp uses a design that’s made out of one piece of carton and doesn’t use additional plastic.

Expansion and Consumer Awareness

Leapp collaborates with the larger Dutch ‘Apple Premium Resellers’ where customers can trade in their old Apple products. Leapp will then refurbish and resell those products. Whereas their competitors choose for a webshop-only approach, Leapp opts for a ‘click & bricks’ solution. This is an area Leapp differs from its competitors. Still, Leapp’s online store continues to the backbone of their operations. It focusses on the B2C-market as well as the B2B-market. Leapp is known for excelling in service and it has been rewarded with customer satisfaction of 8.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot.