Miton accu’s en batterijen – Refurbishing e-bike batteries

Miton has +20 years of experience in the refurbishment of e-bike batteries. They offer their services to private end-users as well as to business customers, such as bicycle manufacturers, dealers and repairers. When batteries age or loose capacity, Miton replaces their cells and returns them to customers like-new.

Compared to completely new batteries, refurbished batteries are cheaper, equipped with higher capacity and more environmentally friendly. Every year, the Miton team refurbishes between 3-4000 e-bike batteries, preventing a considerable amount of plastic waste.


Refurbishing e-bike batteries has multiple benefits compared to buying new ones. For us it's key that reconditioned batteries are both more sustainable and cheaper for customers.

Ton Koot, Miton Co-Founder

Preventing battery waste through affordable cells refurbishment

Miton was founded in 2002 by 2 brothers who developed a process to recondition NiCD and NiMH – and later lithium-ion – batteries of e-bikes. Like all batteries, e-bike batteries degrade over time due to use, age,  (lack of) maintenance or a combination of these. While cells loose capacity, a battery’s case and electronics usually maintain an optimal condition over time.

The team tests these battery packs to see whether their capacity can be improved via refurbishment. By replacing only the inner battery cells (and when needed the electronics), costs and materials are saved compared to the making a wholly new battery. Even more so if for batteries that are no longer in production, which would render their bikes unusable.

The old cells are disposed safely way via Stibat and those battery parts that are still in good condition are reused to make the refurbished pack. These include the plastic or metal housing and contact points. Miton refurbishes dozens of e-bike batteries a day, from over 170 different brands.