Mitsubishi Elevator Europe – Elevator as a service

The Mitsubishi Electric Group, has been engaged in the manufacturing business since 1921. From the past years, the Group positioned the realization of sustainability as the cornerstone of their corporate management.

To achieve its aims, Mitsubishi will work to address diversified social challenges together with customers and business partners by transforming into a “Circular Digital-Engineering company”. In this way the company aims to provide advanced Integrated Solutions through co-creation and through integrating knowledge within and outside the Group.

“Circular Digital-Engineering company” may be an unfamiliar term. In the Group’s process, they will engage in manufacturing in which products and services are designed for long-term use, and reuse these products by collecting materials from them instead of disposing of them after use. There is a circulation in the physical sense within our businesses, and one of the Group’s main project to achieve it is the M-Use® elevators.


Our Purpose has been to contribute to the realisation of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous innovation and ceaseless creativity.

Kei Uruma, President & CEO

M-Use®: Elevator as a service

As part of this sustainability transformation, the Mitsubishi Electric Group created M-Use®, a unique model for elevator leasing in which the consumers don’t have to own the elevator, but pay as long as they use it.

This model saves costs, and the consumer can always be sure to have a working elevator and contribute directly to a better environment. Because the Group is committed in the long term, it can extend the life expectancy of the elevator through effective maintenance. When an elevator has come to the end of its life or a contract ends, Mitsubishi don’t throw the elevator away, but check to see if they can reuse the components and/or recycle materials. With M-Use® elevators, the circular use of raw materials and a more sustainable approach to energy is ensured.

Currently there are over 200 M-Use® elevator installations.

At the moment, the Group is actively working on 6 of the 10 R’s. At the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, the company committed to hard targets with respect to circularity.