Modulo Resource and Recovery Centres – Modular environmental waste depots

Modulo Milieustraten develops and produces innovative, modular and circular environmental waste sites. Thanks to the flexible construction method, user-friendly sustainable environmental waste sitse are built that can be adapted, recolated and reused over time – with maximum space utilisation under the platform and at minimal cost.


Innovative, modular, circular

Approximately every 10 years, environmental waste sites have to adapt to new legislation and regulations, as well as environmental and demographic developments. Modulo’s flexible design makes it possible to make adjustments to the modular waste site according to demands.

The innovative modular construction accommodates dual usage of the surface area through the hollow underside of the platform. The construction is used for the storage of waste and raw materials, sorting and processing of products and materials, repair of products, recycling activities, office and education space, start-ups and circular initiatives.

In addition to the circular flexible construction design, the construction itself is sustainable because the concrete elements are produced from secondary raw materials (eco granules) and are themselves 100% reusable.

Recourse and recovery centres

Modulo has international ambitions in Europe and beyond to advise and supervise local partners and municipal and national governments on setting up Recycling, Upcycling, Resource and Recovery Centres.

The concept has a worldwide patent. First, Modulo carries out a Country-City-Scan into the existing culture and situation on the ground, paying particular attention to informal and formal collection practices. It is key to involve all parties from start. Next, the right partners with the right experience and complementary know-how are sought via a matchmaking process, preferably in consultation with the municipality, the embassy or national governments. Experience proves that public-private partnerships/mixed cooperation work best when processes are well supervised and knowledge is shared.

Business scenarios

In the first year, the partners are taught trends and best practices on site and remotely. Potential business scenarios are looked out together and the local team is supervised until the first project is realised. This can take two to five years, depending on the municipal or national project integration. Eventually, responsibility is handed over to the local organisation. Modulo’s waste collection solutions act as a circular beacon for the responsible collection of raw materials. The patent provides local governments and their partners protected status affording them the opportunity to develop integrated systems in their local setting.