MOYU – Rewritable stone paper notebooks

At MOYU, they make rewritable stone paper notebooks to fight the polluting single-use paper industry. Stone paper has a cradle to cradle certificate, and each stone paper page is erasable. For this reason, the notebooks are rewritable up to 500 times.

By using MOYU products you help reduce deforestation practices and protect and stimulate essential ecosystems. In fact, for every notebook sold, they plant a tree in collaboration with their partner, Trees for Kenya.

MOYU helps both individuals and businesses to increase their sustainable practices and serves as a communication and inspiration tool.


Fighting single use paper to save forests and create new ecosystems


Design it for nature

MOYU was founded by Roel Schatorjé in 2018 in an effort to prevent overexploitation of trees, as over 30 football fields of trees are cut down every minute. Through their collaboration with Trees For Kenya, a tree is planted for each MOYU notebook sold. In this way, they help sustain current ecosystems, boost new ones and contribute to the community in Kenya.

Currently, MOYU has become successful in the Netherlands and works with clients such as Rabobank, Deloitte, Triodos Bank, and WWF. As they’re a highly ambitious team, MOYU has just begun the process of expanding to other countries, mainly focusing on the French and German markets.

The overarching goal for 2021: Become the number 1 sustainable writing solution in France and Germany.

The MOYU chain – From Taiwan to the Netherlands

The raw material for the stone papers comes from residual stone waste in the form of limestone that is released during the mining process in the quarries in Taiwan. From there, the limestone is ground and processed into rewritable, water-resistant stone paper. The paper is then shipped to the Netherlands, where the paper is printed and bound by one of the most sustainable printing companies in the Netherlands. They also have recyclable options for stone notebooks that have reached their product lifecycle.

The stone paper feels sturdier and slightly thicker than normal paper and is tear and water resistant. Simply write with the supplied MOYU pen (filled with Frixion ink) and let the ink dry in 10-12 seconds. With a wet cloth you can wipe every page clean in an instant and because the paper is very sturdy, each page can be rewritten up to more than 500 times.

From the 20,695 MOYU notebooks that were sold, together, they have planted 20,695 trees, saved 215,227 liters of water, saved equivalent to 2,897.3 kg CO2, and prevented the cutting of 165.56 trees. In order to achieve the 2021 overarching goal of becoming the number 1 sustainable writing solution in France and Germany, they are looking for:

– Accessing the right local networks that will support and promote their circular practices
– The right clients that aim to make their businesses more sustainable
– Learning about the local markets and identifying their target customers more clearly