MycoTEX – 3D produced sustainable textiles from mushrooms roots

MycoTEX creates sustainable fabric from mycelium – mushroom roots. Combined with 3D technology, they create seamless garments that fit without the need to cut and sew. MycoTEX only grows what they use and has no textile waste during the production phase. Once worn out, the garment can be buried in the ground to naturally decompose.


"I saw a solution that would enable us to produce better and better-fitting clothes mass-produced. For this I took inspiration of nature’s own consumptive behavior."

Aniela Hoitink, MycoTEX founder

Re-thinking not only the material, but also the production technique

MycoTEX is created on the intersection of technology, microbiology and textiles. Their mission is to empower people through personalized and sustainable clothes. Mass production of customized items has been a major challenge. MycoTEX has found a solution in mycelium. This bio-fabricated material in combination with 3D technology creates custom-fit garments for any body, shape and style. Seamless and sustainable products raise the comfort of wearing. Last minute dyeing is reducing liability for brands and can be done on the surface or through-and-through.

“Our holistic approach is shortening the production chain by cleverly combining existing elements from different industries”. The possibilities of MycoTEX are endless and yet to be discovered. They are looking for industrial partners (mycelium, accessories, shoes and garments) to scale up production. MycoTEX has participated in the Fashion For Good program and won several grants, honors and awards, with the Global Change Award (2018) being the highlight.

Innovative process leading to less waste

MycoTEX in combination with 3D technology is saving 10-30% of production waste, while on-demand production is saving 10% of pre-consumer waste.  Steps like spinning yarn, weaving cloth, cutting patterns and sewing garments are being skipped, which leads to reducing transport in between processes and saving on energy. This entire supply chain also eliminates the need for animals, petroleum or hazardous chemicals.