Grown bio – Naturally grown materials: Mycelium

Grown bio grows material from mycelium and rest-streams based upon the principles of nature. Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms that works as a binder in any given substrate. This product is completely biodegradable, zero-waste and is the material of the future. Grown bio grows products such as packaging, insulation panels or interior design objects! Why is this innovation a circular solution? Since Mycelium packaging is a biological nutrient free of toxins and is 100% biodegradable, its end of life is either as an object of interest in your home as a newspaper holder, a candle holder, a pot for a plant, and more. Mycelium packaging also makes for a healthy compost for your home garden: when broken into small pieces, the parts decompose within a few months.


Grown bio grows CO2 negative materials, that are fully biodegradable and based upon rest-streams and fungi.


Origins of Grown bio and their ambition

Grown bio was created in 2016 by Jan Berbee growing mycelium products in his garage. Once he found out how much potential it had, he started a company and wanted to make an impact in the field of sustainability. It soon started to gain attention, the most famous structures was the Growing Pavilion. A tall building that consists of only mycelium panels holding the frame together. Nowadays, we are focusing upon the packaging industry. Mycelium has high-protective capacities, insulating and therefore is a perfect replacer for styrofoam. The plan for the near future is to develop throughout Europe, in order to be able to use local resources, and grow materials locally with mycelium.