Neste – a business based on sustainability

Neste is a world’s recognised producer of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel and renewable feedstock solutions for various polymers and chemical industry uses. Sustainability is embedded in Neste’s everyday business. Thus, it provides customers and partners with low-emission solutions to the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. Neste’s renewable and circular solutions are the contribution to keep society running more sustainably and help to reduce the dependency on virgin fossil raw materials. 

Neste sustainability vision has clear targets for climate, biodiversity, and human rights, as well as our supply chain and raw materials, to reach carbon neutral and nature-positive value by 2040.


Neste to fuel the future

Neste is advancing chemical recycling to process hard-to-recycle plastic waste into raw materials for new plastics. Many plastic products, such as films and multicomponent materials, cannot efficiently be mechanically recycled, and therefore, they end up in landfills or are eliminated through the process of incineration. 

However, Chemical Recycling can turn those waste streams into new raw materials, which can be used to replace virgin fossil input in the plastic value chain. Neste has the ambition to process more than 1 million tons of plastic waste from 2030 onwards. The plastic waste would be liquefied and processed into feedstocks for new plastics at Neste’s refinery in Porvoo, Finland. There, Neste is expanding capacities in the pretreatment and upgrading of liquefied plastic waste in the EU Innovation Fund-backed project PULSE

Through chemical recycling processes, Neste is increasing the production of renewable fuels to help keep the world moving towards a zero-carbon transport industry. Because of its commitment to the cause, it  has been featured as a showcase in the HCH’s latest brochure “Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective”, which is now available digitally here ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective