NOWOS – Waste prevention through battery repair and repurpose

The mission of NOWOS is to leave a positive impact on the world by promoting sustainable practices in the lithium-ion battery industry. The team believes that by repairing and refurbishing batteries within UN 38.3 and CE standards, they will contribute to reducing waste, while also conserving valuable resources.

NOWOS‘ services help clients align with the European Green Deal, Battery Regulation, and European Waste Directive, contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.



Our driving force is the conviction that our services can play a vital role in creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Jan Bartels, Co-Founder at NOWOS

Circular services for more durable and sustainable batteries

NOWOS builds on decades of battery manufacturing experience and works to treat lithium-ion batteries not as waste but as a valuable source for secondary raw materials. Their primary focus is on the urban transport segment of the mobility sector. They offer industrial-scale lithium-ion battery repair and refurbishment services for a range of market segments. Reuse and repurposing are prioritised over recycling, which is recognised as a last-resort strategy and carried out in the most resource-effective way.

Through their services, NOWOS helps battery manufacturers, fleet owners, and producers of electric vehicles prolong the lifespan of their batteries, reduce costs, and contribute to a circular economy. Additionally, NOWOS offers consulting services for circular battery design. 

In 2022, the team won the European startup prize for mobility. Currently, NOWOS counts two operational repair services, one in The Netherlands and one in France. Their expansion strategy is focused on both geographical and market segment growth. This enables them to both capitalize on new opportunities and broaden the customer base.