PaperWise – wise with waste

After the harvest of wheat, barley, corn, sugar cane, and rice, many stems and leaves remain, which would be a pity to be wasted. Approximately 80% of the crops consist of such agricultural waste, whereas only 20% is used for food. PaperWise is a Dutch company that gives waste a second life by producing high-quality paper and paperboard that can be recycled up to 7 times.

The factories that produce PaperWise are located in India and South America among the farmers where the agricultural waste becomes available. This prevents unnecessary transport kilometers. The cooperation with these factories has been entered into due to the knowledge and experience of processing agricultural waste into high-quality paper and paperboard, with Corporate Social Responsibility as a central focus. Investments are made in education, infrastructure, and healthcare while the manufacturing process is geared toward safety, zero waste, and preserving local ecology.


"In combination with the environmentally friendly production process, PaperWise provides an environmental saving of 47% compared to FSC paper based on wood fibers, and 29% compared to recycled paper."

LCA quickscan PaperWise by IVAM University of Amsterdam

Responsibility across the entire chain

PaperWise paper and paperboard are produced in factories in India and Colombia that are highly important to the development of these local communities. Investments take place in education, healthcare and infrastructure. The manufacturing process is aimed at safety, zero waste, and retention of ecology.

Where can you find PaperWise products? The organic stroopwafels from Albert Heijn, for example, are packed in the cardboard. Just like the organic fruit and vegetables of the Aldi and Carrefour. In addition, PaperWise produces rolls of paper for printers and companies, which process them into writing pads, mailings, brochures, labels, bread bags.