Port of Moerdijk- to connect The Netherlands to new destinations

The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth national seaport and second largest container port of the Netherlands. As an industrial and European logistics hub it is strategically located between Rotterdam and Antwerp. With a diverse range of industries, including petrochemicals, manufacturing, renewable energy, and distribution, the post forsters a vibrant business ecosystem and plays a significant role in the region’s economic growth.


The port for chemical circularity

The Port of Moerdijk serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, for this, it has a strong and extensive chemical cluster. Indeed, via its pipeline system, it is directly connected with the chemical clusters in Antwerp, Rotterdam, North Sea Port, North Limburg and the Ruhr area. Therefore, operating circular, chemical, and petrochemical companies have plenty of opportunities at the Industrial Park Moerdijk to establish new business. There, about 30 hectares are currently allocated and available for circular economy only. 

The chemical cluster is constantly creating synergy. Companies exchange basic raw materials such as ethylene oxide, ethylene, and propylene. Residual flows find their way to new users. Steam, CO2, or hot water are waste for some and raw materials for others. Companies also find each other in the field of logistics, for example by bundling chemical products logistically. At the Port of Moerdijk, chemical, recycling, and energy companies make use of each other’s raw materials and residual streams and thus close the chains to foster circularity.