Procomat – WasteMate, the smart solar powered waste compacting bin

Procomat has been investing heavily since 2014 in the design and development of their smartbins. As from 2017, the first early projects came to the market, and now Procomat has expanded its WasteMates exposure into 20+ countries and more than 1,000 units sold.

Currently, Procomat has three different compacting bins, two non-compacting bins and a level sensor available. Combined with its distributor network of over 18 countries, it is the key to the impact the company wants to create. 70% of their suppliers within a range of 30km from their factory, ensuring a lean and green way of working. Today Procomat is expanding further every day. After a successful IFAT this year, the company started to explore other continents.



The WasteMate solution

The WasteMate is an autonomous solar-powered compacting waste bin. Due to the closed design, vermin cannot get into the bin. Using the hatch or the foot pedal makes the bin easy to operate. With the smart IOT connection, all information can be monitored from a distance. There are multiple ways to get people’s attention, for example, the integrated sound module, wrappings and evening lights. The WasteMate comes in different formats and configurations, so there is a fit for each location.

The company’s smart waste management system (Clean City Manager) creates the most optimal routes because the WasteMate compacts the waste 5-7 times; with the correct route, optimisation can reduce the CO2 emission and collection cost easily by 80%. Using the solar panel, the WasteMate generates its own power and can be installed almost everywhere. Due to the use of high-quality powder-coated steel and stainless steel, the WasteMate is suited well for recycling.