Red Orka – A baby romper revolution

Red Orka is a circular baby wear brand that aims to do better for people and the planet. Red Orka’s product is delivered at home by subscription for a fixed amount per month. The baby rompers are made from 100% organic cotton and produced in the most sustainable way.


Red Orka rompers can be used by at least 6 babies. This will save up to 5400 L of water per customer and 48 % less CO2.

Red Orka

Red Orka was born because the romper is the least shared item among the clothing items of a baby. The company work together with a german partner which is known for quality and organic production. Red Orka’s rompers’ are at a quality level where they serve more babies than one.

Red Orka will go live in April 2021 and is looking for recycling companies and for partners who are willing to jump on the renting model of a romper in Belgium.