Renewd – Giving a second life to electronic devices

With sustainability becoming more and more important for governments and companies, the market for used devices is growing. Renewd is a company that specializes in used electronics. It is a second-hand electronics manufacturer with the highest standards of excellence conceivable. They take various devices from Apple and even Samsung and give them a second life.

By working with specialized partners, they ensure that their products undergo the most stringent testing, component integrity is inspected, and the accuracy of 83 key features is confirmed,  with the long-life of the battery power of Renewd devices. In this way, consumers can be sure that they will use the purchased item for a long time. Only units with minor signs of use are repairable enough to end up in Renewd’s packaging, and they offer their customers a two-year warranty. In addition, all of their devices are 100% genuine parts and original equipment products.


“We pledge to expand our product range with other used products, in order to give the consumer more possibilities in choosing sustainable products”


Renewd for Business - A great opportunity

Renewd opened its doors in 2015 and began pioneering the idea of reCommerce: ‘ if you can trade in a used car, you should be able to trade in a used Notebook.’ Nowadays, Renewd is flourishing through selling directly to chosen partners across Europe, thus making its product visible to customers. The nation’s leading consumer electronics trade and active in more than ten countries in Europe contributes to a more sustainable future for us and the planet.

Moreover, Renewd is committed to the environment and has recently entered into a partnership with the European Commission. This collaboration promotes sustainability within the European Union and makes consumers more aware of sustainable choices.

As such, Renewd has drawn up several pledges for this project themselves which some of them are:

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of their used products and reduce it by 20% in 2023.
  • Foster consumer awareness on the environmental aspect of buying refurbished products by investing at least 50.000 euros in 2021.

See the video below for a further introduction (select automatic translation of subtitles to your language of choice in video settings).