Seenons – The tech platform to enable the circular economy

Seenons is a tech company that aims to save business waste. Every year in the Netherlands alone, 76 million wheelie bins full of commercial waste end up in landfills or the incinerator – while raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce, and the European Union aims to be fully circular by 2050.

Therefore, they bring together different parties in the waste chain for circular waste management. With their tech platform and matching tools, the company provides a total solution for large enterprises, waste collectors and processors alike.


Seenons' Platform Technology

Organisations separate their waste and register it in one click. Seenons’s platform technology connects each waste stream with the most efficient logistics partner to collect it – and with processors and producers who can turn it into valuable materials again. During this process, the organisation collects data about the waste processed.Along with a network of partners, Seenons also offers zero-waste solutions to help organisations like the Dutch government, the University of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport prevent and reduce business waste. Since our founding in 2019, the company’s goal has been to help its partners save half a megaton (500 million kilos) of business waste by 2026. Currently, they are working on expanding activities into Belgium, Germany and the rest of Western Europe.