SEW-EURODRIVE – gearing up manufacturing

Industrial automation, that is drive and control technology, might not be the sexiest industry, but for many production companies, it is a vital one. What is more, it is a sector that excels in exploring new opportunities, especially when it comes to sustainable materials. In this context, SEW-EURODRIVE is known as one of the major players in the development of motion control and industrial gearboxes remanufacturing around 2,000 ‘old’ drives per year.


"The company remanufactures around 2,000 ‘old’ drives per year, playing its part in the circular economy."

Recycling metal parts

SEW-EURODRIVE produces motors and gear motors, often referred to simply as ‘drives’. These drive units are extremely suitable for reconditioning, or as the company prefers to say, ‘remanufacturing’. The Dutch division has used this to develop a new approach to repair. In the event of a defect, clients can choose for remanufacturing for a fixed price. The drive is disassembled, the reusable parts and the new parts are put together and the whole is assembled as new. The drive is tested, given the same warranty as a newly engineered product, and is returned to the owner within three working days.