Stage Gate 11 – Detecting the Invisible

Stage Gate 11 aims at building products for autonomous detection and identification with the patented Delta R technology, which is a differential spectroscopy sensor, at the heart of their products.

Stage Gate 11 develops these products with a multi-disciplined team, combining experts and talents from various fields such as: research experts, tech-engineers, designers and data analysts to increase value and find solutions for many challenges in the spectroscopy field.


Epsilon M - insight and control over your material flow

With the help of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, who linked Stage Gate 11 to a big recycling company with the goal of redesigning machines to identify and quantify non ferro, Stage Gate 11 was able to introduce to the market the so-called “Epsilon M Lab Scanner”, a groundbreaking solution tailored for experienced metal recycling professionals. Indeed, the Epsilon M is capable of identifying flakes of non ferro, and it is able to reveal the presented material.

Furthermore, the Epsilon M technology is a patented technique based onhyperspectral imaging technology, which is able to achieve up to 99 % identification of non-ferrous metals without direct contact, ensuring high throughput. By leveraging on site lab setup capabilities, it is possible to analyse matter fractions, gaining valuable insights into their composition and enabling real-time monitoring and control. Epsilon M technology is considered to be cutting edge, placed at the forefront of the metal recycling industry optimising resource allocation and maximising revenue, next to improved retrieval of non-ferrous metals and more efficient recycling process.