Sustonable – The Circular Design Surface

Sustonable is the new revolutionary sustainable, thin and ultra-lightweight surface made with a unique combination of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, recycled glass, and natural stone. The company is bringing sustainable households by creating the first sustainable engineered stone. In addition, Sustonable reuses 100 plastic bottles for every m2 of material produced, which can be recycled into the Sustonable production process again.


"We are proud to be a recycled product for decorative surfaces and help the planet reduce the tons of plastic that cross our seas and mountains. Join our marathon against plastic!"


High-quality material that is 100% circular and sustainable

The project started in 2014 with 3 founders: Erik Schoneveld, Laurens van Graafeiland and Aad van Helden. In 2017 Dekker Zevenhuizen, a Dutch kitchen countertop fabricator, joined as a partner. In 2019, Shibumi International DMCC, an investment vehicle of Gülermak Heavy Industries Construction & Contracting Co., a Turkish construction company, entered too.

In October 2021, Sustonable started supplying the first customers. Sustonable is the new sustainable and ultralight surface made with recycled plastic bottles and natural stone. Sustonable is a more ecological alternative than the traditional surfaces we can find in the market nowadays as it is a material based on circular economy principles. Sustonable recycles as many plastics as possible to keep them in use, out of the environment and retain the amount of new raw materials used to a bare minimum. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Sustonable mixes recycled plastic and quartz to create sustainable, high-quality and 100% recyclable surfaces. Sustonable repurposes plastic thrown away into something valuable and perdurable while protecting natural resources’ exhaustion, eliminating the need for natural stone by 80%.

Data regarding impact:

The commercial sales and production capacity are scaling up. Per every m2 of Sustonable surface, Sustonable recycles 100 plastic bottles. They reuse these used plastics and transform them into new products, helping clean the oceans and mountains of plastic pollution.

Sustonable also consumes less water. They recover 85% of the water used for production thanks to their water treatment equipment. Correspondingly, its carbon footprint is 62% lower than traditional materials such as ceramics, solid surfaces, and composites. The Sustonable EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) confirms the production of 11 kg CO2eq when similar materials average 31 kg CO2eq.