Tarkett – Lime-based carpet tiles

Carpet manufacturer Tarkett has succeeded in developing lime-based carpet tiles: a residual product from the production of drinking water. Tarkett worked together with a Dutch group of drinking water companies for this.


"For the first time calcium carbonate (lime) is used worldwide for the production of carpet tiles."

Walk on (residual matter from) water

Tarkett cooperates with Reststoffenunie, an association of drinking water companies, for upcycling lime. The lime comes from the drinking water companies Brabant Water and WML (Water Maatschappij Limburg). When processing drinking water, a lot of calcium carbonate remains after the groundwater has been softened. Softening is a necessary step in making groundwater suitable for drinking water and important to extend the life of household appliances because it reduces calk. The remaining lime now has high-quality use. This lime form has been positively defined in accordance with the Cradle-to-Cradle criteria and is currently used for the production of EcoBase carpet tiles. Thanks to the processing of this lime, the product is 100% recyclable in Tarkett’s own production process.