Tiny Library – Circular platform for baby products

Tiny Library is a circular platform for baby products, with the mission to make the baby more sustainable and in use longer. Parents (to be) can rent all the baby products they need for a fixed amount per month at their platform. Then, when they don’t need the products anymore, they return them. Tiny Library cleans, refurbishes, and repairs the products and sends them to the next baby.

The business model focuses on potentially changing the production and consumption patterns by making more accessible the transitions for brands. In addition, they closely collaborate with the baby brands to help them step towards a circular economy.


"Tiny Library aims to reduce raw material use with 50% by offering the rental service"

Tiny Library

A sustainable platform that works together with customers and businesses

The project was initiated in 2019 under the name ‘Baby Exchangerie.’ With the help of Stichting Doen and the collaboration agreements with a.o. Stroller brand Easywalker, they were able to grow and reach a few hundred recurring customers. In February 2021, they received a Circular Business Award, and in May 2021, they rebranded to Tiny Library.

Likewise, with the collaboration with Bugaboo and BabyPlanet, it was possible to accelerate their growth. As a result, Tiny Library plans to become the ‘Prenatal for rental’ and offers a wide range of products for 0-4. They are currently expanding to Belgium and Germany and are looking for international cooperation with product brands and fulfillment parties.

Rent instead of buy

Many baby products can only be used for a short time, which means that they often collect dust in the storage room. For example, a co-sleeper has often not been used for more than six months. Therefore, when they offer their products for rent, it is possible to make several people happy with the same product. In this way, fewer products need to be produced in the end.  Thus, the products circulate within more families. This percentage can become even more when the design of the products is adjusted for this model.