Van Peperzeel- the collector of old batteries and metals

Van Peperzeel (VP) offers a new life to batteries. It works closely with compliance schemes – also known as producer responsibility organisations (PRO) – in the Benelux area for reverse logistics including storage, repacking and transportation of batteries to dedicated recyclers in Europe. This is a delicate task, thus VP has its own transporters, who are specifically trained. At their premises in Lelystad, VP sorts all the portable batteries collected by Stitching Stibat and ships them to their chosen recyclers. Every year, VP processes ~5,000 tons of all kinds of portable and industrial batteries, and ~15,000 tons when including Lead Acid batteries.


Old batteries become new batteries

Van Peperzeel is the collector of old batteries in the area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Since 2017, Van Peperzeel (VP) has developed special storage containers for Li-ion and Lithium primary batteries. These containers are equipped with special fire suppression systems, which ease fire risk management during Li-ion batteries storage. The containers are pioneering products certified by KIWA. 

Similarly, VP is investigating how to automate the battery sorting process via the utilisation of AI technology as a way to future-proof their business. VP is aiming at launching this operation by mid 2024. The company is adjusting to the upcoming legislation PGS 37.2 on storage of Lithium and Li-ion batteries for all the stages of their lifecycle – from product, to EOL and damaged/ defective/ critical. Furthermore, VP is now undergoing the renewing of the permit at their Lelystad facilities, where they plan to remain for the coming 10 years. 

Thanks to Van Peperzeel years of experience with sorting and the unique knowledge the company acquired about batteries, various sorting installations have already been supplied in neighbouring countries through consultancy contracts. This commitment has been acknowledged also by Holland Circular Hotspot, which featured VP in its latest brochure ‘Circular Batteries Charging the Future: Collaborating for a Sustainable and Resilient Value Chain’, now available online