Van Werven Plastics Recycling – Clean plastics as raw materials

Van Werven Plastics Recyling specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer hard plastics, collected from construction waste, industrial waste, and municipal recycling centres. Van Werven has a separate stand-alone machine for each type of plastic, as every material has its own properties. Having developed techniques such as these gives the company the edge over its competitors.


"The company employs 400 people who passionately process around 150,000 tons of mixed plastic per year, making it Europe's largest recyling plant."

Ton van der Giessen, CEO at Van Werven Plastics Recycling

International Green Deal

Van Werven is an active participant in the first international Green Deal; North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSRR). In 2016, participants from France, Flanders, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands ratified their cooperation in Brussels to give products which previously went to waste a new lease of life as secondary raw material. CEO at van Werven, Van der Giessen, explains;

“What is important to us is that recycled PVC is given a clear end of waste status. With the help of the government, we realised that end of waste status for PVC in 2018. To realise this, we have done a lot of work and research.”


Europe’s largest mixed plastic recycling plant

The company employs 300 people who passionately process around 150,000 tons per year, making it Europe’s largest recycling plant for mixed plastics. Its success can be attributed to its long-term partnerships with major parties for both the input of plastics and the output of high-quality raw materials. This guarantees the flow of materials and the exchange of know-how leading to improved business practices.


Award winning

The acclaimed recycling company has received awards from provincial to international levels for its ground-breaking work. Van Werven received the Sustainable Investment Award in October 2017 for its plastic recycling activities in the UK, and it won the Dutch Circular Award 2018 in the plastics category. The company is also active in Belgium, England, Ireland, Sweden, and Poland and wants to expand to other countries. Van Werven won the Swedish Recycling Award 2021 in December last year. The company plans to increase growth to 200,0000 tons of production in 2022.