Vanhulley – New products made of recycled company clothing

Vanhulley turns old clothing and other textile waste into gift items for clients ranging from individual consumers to big companies.

Vanhulley not only produces new valuable products contributing to the circularity on textiles industry but also helps and supports socially disadvantaged women with education and empowerment.

Vanhulley has made products for companies like BAM, UMCG, Delftechniek and DJI. With every collaboration, they save textile from landfills and contribute to a social cause.


Vanhulley's circular business model supports socially disadvantaged women

Vanhulley products are made by women who would love to get a job, but for whom it is very challenging because they don’t have a proper education. The company gives these women an opportunity to gain work experience and at the same time receive a vocational education. Work experience and education they gain at Vanhulley give them a chance to choose a direction they want to go afterwards.

The result is much more than a just a diploma. Vanhulley helps them to make a plan for their next step, like a job, an internship or a follow up education.