Waste2Wear – innovative textiles made from recycled plastics

Waste2Wear has built-up a wealth of experience recycling plastic waste into fancy fabrics and finished textile products. This allowed the company to become a one-stop solution for their customers developing sustainable products from post-consumer plastic waste.

Having a fully certified and compliant value-chain, Waste2Wear simplifies the journey of textile companies and fashion brands on their way of becoming circular.


A business model beneficial for local communities and environment

The plastic used for Waste2Wear Ocean Fabrics comes from the water and coastal areas of a small island near Shanghai. In collaboration with the local government and local NGO’s, Waste2Wear created a business model in which the former fishermen could recover their income (lost due to environmental regulations) by fishing plastic from the ocean. They now collect more than three tons of waste directly from the ocean every week. Thus, Waste2Wear is pioneering solutions for plastic recycling and delivering 100% traceable and sustainable textiles.

Waste2Wear is now looking for new buying partners with whom the company can intensify the waste-collecting and secure a constant stream of resource for relevant new products.

Waste2Wear saves energy, water and CO2 emissions

Almost every product has a manufacturing process that consumes energy and water, and produces carbon dioxide emissions and as such has an environmental impact. Using R-PET instead of regular polyester saves:

  • 70% less energy
  • 86% less water
  • 75% less CO2 emissions

Using five pounds of R-PET yarn to make Waste2Wear® fabric will save:

  • almost 4 litres of gasoline
  • enough water to provide drinking water to one person for five days
  • the amount of greenhouse gas emitted while driving a hybrid car for almost 25 km