WEPA – recycling carton

WEPA Nederland (former Van Houtum BV) started in 2015 with experiments for environmentally-friendly processing used beverage cartons. In surrounding countries this was already being done, but with chemical procedures. WEPA Nederland wanted to do it differently.

As a result of intensive research and development, WEPA Nederland’s used beverage carton recycling process has been up and running since 2016. The carton lands up in a huge basin with hot water, where it is washed so that high-quality fibers are retracted from the packaging. After the addition of extra pulp paper, new material is produced from which toilet paper and similar products can be made. The residual plastic is cleaned and recycled further.


"Everything that WEPA Nederland produces has had a previous life."

From paper recycling to washroom experience

WEPA has recently taken recycling several steps further when it created the Satino Black concept. Basically the concept is a circular solution for paper recycling on the one hand, and a comfortable washroom experience on the other. With this in mind, a full-service solution for business washrooms based on responsibly sourced raw materials and circularity was created. The Satino Black concept has earned WEPA the cradle to cradle product certification.