WEPA – circular solutions

At present, we as a society extract more raw materials from the earth than the earth can replenish. Ultimately, our resources are running out – and to further contribute to the issue, we’re producing waste at an unmanageable rate. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of how finite the earth’s resources are. More businesses like WEPA are thinking about the future and taking the next step towards circular solutions.

WEPA is ready for the transition to a circular economy. Their opportunities lie in alternative solutions and locally sourced raw materials.


“For us the chances to contribute to the circular economy, lie in alternative and locally-sourced raw materials”


From paper recycling to washroom experience

For some time now, WEPA has been prioritizing circular solutions and closed-cycle production. As a result, WEPA can safely employ paper waste streams in varying compositions as a primary material for producing hygiene paper.

Besides recycled paper, the company can reuse paper cups, beverage cartons, bottle labels, and even paper hand towels as sources of reusable material. WEPA Professional offers organizations the opportunity to participate in the circular economy.

By partnering with WEPA and allowing them to harness their paper waste streams, WEPA can produce BlackSatino washroom products which are subsequently delivered back via partners for use in the company’s facilities. By engaging in this collaboration, it is possible to make circular steps and to close the loop.

The BlackSatino concept is a circular solution for paper recycling on the one hand and a comfortable washroom experience. This in mind has created a full-service solution for business washrooms based on responsibly sourced raw materials and circularity. The concept BlackSatino has earned WEPA the cradle-to-cradle product certification, making it safe for both people and the environment and producing completely CO2 neutral.