Werflink – sharing construction equipment and materials

Werflink was a digital sharing marketplace that enabled construction (and related) companies in the Netherlands and Belgium to swap, sell and share construction equipment, building materials, storage and freight space with each other. Sharing helps optimize usage of everything that is already out there and contributes to waste reduction, more reuse, enhanced collaboration between companies, cost savings and additional turnover.

Unfortunately, despite the great success and outcomes of the pilot, the project ended when funding stopped. Werflink was powered by FLOOW2, the Dutch expert in digital B2B marketplace solutions.


How it operated

The basic idea of this project, funded by the Flemish Confederation of Construction and Flanders Circular, was to match supply and demand between construction companies to promote circularity. Construction companies, from large to small, could use and try out the platform for free during the 1.5 year pilot that ended in 2020.

During the successful pilot 650 users signed up, from site managers to buyers and material managers, representing 350 different construction companies. Over 200 matches were made resulting in exchanging a wide range of materials and equipment: from a motor lift crane, tiles, stairs, shelf racks and bricks, to storage space, clinker works, shelving units, concrete blocks, a garage door, solar panels and insulation material.