Werflink – share construction equipment and materials

Werflink enables construction (and related) companies within The Netherlands and Belgium to swap, sell and share construction equipment, building materials, storage and freight space with each other. These activities result in: reduced waste, greater reuse of materials, collaboration between companies, cost savings and additional turnover.
The online sharing platform was launched in a move towards a more circular construction sector by FLOOW2, the Flemish Construction Confederation and construction company BESIX.


How does it work

The basic idea of this project is to match supply and demand between construction companies and sites from the same region to avoid unnecessary transport. Construction companies with excessive materials on their sites, with machines that are temporarily standing idle or with available freight space can be linked to contractors who are looking for this capacity.

The sharing platform has 675 companies using it in Belgium and The Netherlands. Over 200 items have been shared through Werflink but this amount is probably higher as not all transactions flow through the platform itself. The current items represent a value of 67.000 euros.

The platform also facilitates a SharingScan, a digital tool that allows companies to calculate their potential revenue and savings upfront. The scan calculates the financial results, but also the sustainable results.

Werflink has the ambition to expand the platform to other countries around the world. Believing that the success of the sharing economy starts with cooperation, they are open to collaborate with any organizations, construction associations, large construction companies or governments whom see opportunities for this platform in their region or country.