Wolkat – full service processing of discarded textile

Wolkat collaborated with JBC fashion and Wereld Missiehulp (WMH) to offer a full service processing of discarded textile. JBC offers collection of the textile in stores. Recycled items can be bought as well in the stores.

The revenues of the second hand textiles are also donated to projects in developing countries by WMH. This project is a beginning of an innovative, circular partnership with a lot more products to come.


One of the best sustainable consumer products 2020-2021 in Belgium

Together with JBC Wolkat has created a circular partnership. Thanks to this collaboration disposal of discarded clothing purchase of recycled items was organised within one shop. Consumers hand in their textile waste at JBC stores where they can also buy products made of recycled textiles.

First items produced from recycled clothing were bags. These are only a first step in the process of developing a more circular collection for JBC. The bag is currently nominated for best Belgium sustainable consumer product 2020-2021.

The only source of CO2 emissions during the production process is transport to and from Morocco where Wolkat collects discarded clothing as well, while all other steps are done in-house. The end product is made from 80% post consumer material and 20% Recycled PET so a 100% recycled item.