4th G-STIC Brussels conference

online | 27th until 29th of October 2020

Take part in the 4TH G-STIC Conference and extend your international network with people dedicated to the SDGs.
The need for transformative changes is clear if we want to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Technology represents only one dimension of change, though. Changes in the social, financial, regulatory, institutional systems are urgently needed as well, and financial inclusion is vital.

Choose among tens of inspirational sessions zooming in on all aspects of the change that we need.
Pick the action event that best fits your needs and engage with relevant stakeholders to underpin the concrete implementation of market-ready technological solutions.

How do you capture new opportunities to contribute to a sustainable world? Are you working on any such opportunities right now but having a hard time to exchange experiences with the right people? At the G-STIC 2020 conference, you’re part of an international audience of entrepreneurs, researchers, innovation experts, technology suppliers, investors, captains of industry and policymakers.

For more information and registration: gstic.org


Organised by 8 international co-hosts

The G-STIC conference is hosted jointly by VITO (the prime research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development in Belgium) and 7 other not-for-profit independent technology research institutes: ACTS (African Centre for Technology Studies, Kenya), FIOCRUZ (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil), GIEC (Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China), GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea), IITD (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), NACETEM (National Centre for Technology Management, Nigeria) and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, India).