Changing the future of fashion

online | 24th of September 2020

How has the role of education in sustainable fashion changed over time? What skillsets will be most useful in the future of fashion?

Introducing Fashion for Good’s Innovation Masterclass series – a chance to dig deeper into sustainable fashion with insights and expertise from across the fashion industry. In this session on September 24 (16:00-17:30 hrs) Fashion for Good looks to the future – at the role education plays in equipping us with the skillsets needed for today’s challenges and beyond.

The change will not only come from fashion designers, new business models and technical innovations are needed just as much. The program will include a range of speakers from different disciplines to shed light on how they motivate and prepare their students to disrupt the fashion industry. What vision for the future do they have and what learnings can you take away from their teaching methods to apply in your own work?

More information: Fashion for Good

Or sign up directly for this session : Masterclass 3: Changing the Future of Fashion – 24 September