Circular Polyolefins Outlook

online | 27th of January 2021

Polyolefins dominate global plastics production because of their versatility. With the increased attention on plastic waste from the public, the polyolefins industry is facing many changes, not only from the regulation front, building better waste management practices and infrastructure but also in product design to meet sustainability & circularity demand. The entire value chain needs to adapt to this new normal in working towards a more sustainable, circular future.

Global consumer trends are driving brand owners and the packaging industry to shift towards a more circular model. Recently, LyondellBasell announced one of the most ambitious goals of the industry to produce and market two million metric tons of recycled and renewable-based polymers annually by 2030.

CMT’s Webinar on Circular Polyolefins Outlook brings together players in the Polyolefins value chain to share insights on the development and trends moving forward.

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  • 15:30 : Chairman’s Introduction and Welcome
    Mr. Norman Chua, Sustainability Director
    Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd
  • 15:35 : Future of Polyolefins in a Circular Economy
    Trade, trends and changing priorities of Polyolefin industry
    Development of circular Polyolefin and its demand
    Mr. William Liu, Senior Consultant, Polyolefins
    Wood Mackenzie
  • 15:50 : New plastics economy in China
    Impact of local regulation development to upstream markets
    Mr. Arnold Wang, China Plastics Program Manager
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • 16:00 : Q&A session
  • 16:10 : Unilever’s sustainable packaging strategy including food contact packaging
    Case study of rPP in magnum ice-cream
    Food plastic packaging innovation and need for circularity
    Challenges moving forward in chemical recycling – user industry perspective
    Mr. Sanjeev Das, Global Packaging Director – Foods & Refreshment
  • 16:30 : Q&A session
  • 16:40 : Growth potential of renewable PP and Market Outlook
    Ms. Jaycee Lim, Application Marketing Manager – PCES
    Borouge Pte Ltd
  • 16:55 : Recycled PE supply and production in Asia
    Impact of Covid-19 on plastics recycling industry
    Competitiveness of rPE vs virgin PE
    Infrastructure, sourcing & collection program of post consumers plastics & Recycling project update
    Challenges facing the industry
    Mr. David Bourge, General Manager
    Suez Circular Polymer (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • 17:15 : Q&A session
  • 17:30 : End of Webinar and virtual networking starts