“Circularity: The New Shape of Chemistry”

Eindhoven | 21st of May 2024

On May 21st, the association of chemical engineering and chemistry from Eindhoven University of Technology: T.S.V Jan Pieter Minckelers, is organizing a symposium on its campus, centered around the theme: “Circularity, the new shape of chemistry”. 


Expert speakers and topics

Get ready for an insightful symposium featuring 8 talks from expert speakers around circularity within the chemical industry, circular economy and energy transition. Here’s a preview of the speakers and their lecture topics : The Dr. Bernhard von Vacano, from BASF, will delve into polymeric materials with a recycled and biobased feedstock. Jo Peters, representing Chemelot Circular Hub, will discuss the circular transition of the Chemelot campus and the challenges of creating a fully circular site. Prof. Jaap den Doelder and dr. Melissa Dunkle from Dow, will explore the challenges and opportunities of technology in chemically and mechanically recycling polymers. Many other speakers, like Katrien Bernaerts, Süleyman Er, Dr. Fabian Eisenreich and Dr. Sipke Wadman will cover captivating topics such as catalysis, process technology, polymer materials, and circular chemistry.

Chemical engineering and chemistry are key disciplines in the transition towards a circular economy, especially in the implementation of a carbon-free energy economy. For more details about the event : click here.

Are you a student or a professional passionate about these topics ? Do not wait, registrations ​​will be open till May the 13th