Delivering on net zero carbon in wastewater management

UK - online | 29th of September 2020

This event will explore how future carbon-efficient wastewater management approaches could take advantage of emerging technologies to become net carbon sinks.

At around five million tonnes, the UK water industry is the nation’s fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), representing just under 1% of the country’s total emissions. Recognising their significant contribution to the nation’s carbon footprint, the UK water industry in 2019 announced a target of net zero emissions by 2030 – twenty years ahead of the Government’s commitment for the country as a whole. in addition, The UK’s water industry has the significant potential to exemplify the principles of a circular economy.

Delivering on this commitment will require a root-and-branch review of capital and operational practices – with carbon impacts factored into all future decision making.

More information and registration: Carbon-efficient wastewater