EBC Conference “Sustainability in construction”

The Hague, Netherlands | 5th of July 2023

EBC announces its 2023 Annual Congress, which for the first time will take place in the Netherlands, hosted by its Dutch member AFNL – Aannemersfederatie Nederland Bouw en Infra in the Hague.

As part of this year’s Congress, EBC is organizing a public Conference, dedicated to the topic of sustainability in construction with a focus on the current and potential role of construction SMEs & crafts. Fully aware of the environmental impact of the construction sector as a whole, construction SMEs and crafts are strongly committed to improve the use of resources and contribute to the efforts towards a more sustainable construction sector.

The discussion of the EBC Conference will revolve around the topics of the circular economy in construction and the impact of sustainable finance and green public procurement on SMEs, in the context of the ambitious targets for the decarbonisation of the EU by 2050. This event will be an opportunity to gather institutional, financial, environmental and construction stakeholders and thought leaders from different countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities for construction SMEs and crafts in the green transition journey.

The EBC Conference will be in a hybrid format to encourage and enable extensive participation EU-wide.

To register: here.