EPR+: Mandatory and voluntary mechanisms for financing the circular economy for plastics and packaging

online | 21st of September 2021

In this session,  private sector actors will discuss why EPR is a necessary part of the solution, the implementation process in emerging economies like Vietnam and South Africa, and how other approaches such as plastic credits fit in. The panel discussion builds on the position paper by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and corresponding statement endorsed by over 100 companies, the EPR Toolbox developed by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, as well as the general ongoing exchange within the Alliance, and the experiences of the project “Rethinking Plastics” in Vietnam.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach based on the ‘polluter-pays principle. Whoever introduces packaging to the market is responsible for the financial cost of collecting, sorting, and recycling their products after they become waste.

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