#EUCircularTalks: Closing infrastructure material cycles

Online | 22nd of November 2022

European economies rely heavily on infrastructure material import. However, with the current shortages and unavailability of infrastructure materials, it is no longer feasible to do business as usual.

Closing infrastructure material cycles through high-quality reuse and recycling is essential to address the challenges. But how can it be achieved? What are the challenges and opportunities for closing material cycles in infrastructure through European cooperation?

Join the #EUCircularTalks to identify the blind spots and foster European cooperation to close infrastructure material cycles.

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About the program

The program will consist of roundtable discussions on closing infrastructure material cycles for two value chains: cement/concrete and asphalt. The open discussion is expected to result in possible solutions to define the next steps and facilitate action to close the cycles of infrastructure materials.

The event is organized by Rijkswaterstaat, together with the German Sustainable Building Council, Holland Circular Hotspot, and the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.