Green and digital transformation through circular economy

online | 24th of February 2021

This workshop is part of the EU Industry Week 2021 organised by the European Commission and Foros Navarra-Europa.
Good practices from two to three regions as well as the European Commission are exchanged and the Catalogue of Navarra with 20 regional companies which are ambassadors for circular economy practices are shared. Focus of discussion is how companies can embrace the digital and green transformation through the principles of the circular economy.

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10h00 – 10h05: Opening – Sergio Pérez, General Director for Foreign Affairs, Government of Navarra

10h05 -10h25: Presentation of Navarra’s Catalog of 20 regional companies that are agents of the circular economy – Montse Guerrero, AIN (Navarra)

10h25 -10h45: Supporting Companies in their transition to circular economy – Kari Herlevi, Project Director, Circular economy at Sitra (Finland)

10h45 -11h05: Partnership to support the internationalization of Circular Economy in Holland, Sandra Kolodzinskyi, Foundation Holland Circular Hotspot / Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

11:05  – 11:20: Debate

11h20 – 11h30: Recapitulation of concrete practices that can be replicated in order to promote a greener and more digitalized European industry – Beatriz Irala, Delegation of Navarra to the EU, DG for Foreign Affairs, Government of Navarra