Green Hydrogen Summit – Chile 2020

Latin America - online | 3rd of November 2020

The Green Hydrogen Summit – Chile 2020 will highlight the role of  hydrogen in the global energy transition and in the achievement of net-zero carbon. The current governmental efforts to reach net-zero global emission by 2050 have positioned hydrogen as a key instrument for meeting the Green Deal objectives. Therefore, hydrogen is a priority arena for clean and circular economy. Different countries around the world are planning ‘the smart sector integration’ to be able to bringing together  the electricity, gas and heating sectors closer together in one system.

This virtual meeting will bring together public authorities and business executives for dynamic and authentic dialogues that will contribute to the unresolved discussions on hydrogen from key perspectives. An intense B-to-B agenda will provide a platform for stakeholder networking all along the value chain.

●  Highlight the role of hydrogen in the global energy transition and the achievement of net-zero carbon.
●  Spread a cohesive story of a new economy recovery with positive economic, environmental and social impacts at local and global levels
●  Generate high-level dialogues around key unresolved topics of green hydrogen development.
●  Position Chile as an emerging leader in the development of the hydrogen economy.

More information and registration: The Green Hydrogen Summit