Healthy Cities Conference

Guelph Ontario | 24th of June 2024

Food, Housing, Mobility, and Longevity as Entry points for Accelerating Prosperous and Resilient Urban and Rural Circular Economies

As cities worldwide continue to expand, there is a pressing need for new perspectives and innovative solutions to address the complex problems that arise. Attendees of this conference will gain insights into today’s challenges and potential solutions for fostering healthier cities, where people can live, work, and play.

The Healthy Cities conference aims to bring together researchers, trainees, practitioners, and knowledge users with an interest in building healthy cities to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. By facilitating discussions on current issues, research findings, and potential solutions, the conference aims to identify emerging priorities for healthy cities and opportunities for further research and training.

The conference program will feature sessions and posters covering a wide range of topics related to healthy cities. These may include implementation science, convergence-by-design, food and health, Indigenous issues, equity, transportation, and housing, as well as training and policy.



Please let us know in advance if you would like to join this conference as well! More Information can be found here.