II International Forum Circular Economy

Hotel Westin, Lima, Peru | 25th until 26th of November 2019

The circular economy offers new business opportunities, incorporating links into the value chain and defying innovation of all kinds.  Also, demands creativity in eco-innovative product design and corporate strategies, and stimulates new business models. In this context, the Ministry of the Environment of Peru, with the technical support of the European Union, is promoting the transition process from a linear economy to a circular economy in Peru. Together, they make efforts to integrate this new paradigm into production and consumption public policies of the different sectors, as well as in the integration of processes, products, and circular services in companies and new businesses, who are the protagonists in this transition.

As part of this effort and after the success of the “First International Forum on Circular Economy – Production of the Future” in 2018, which had as its axis the industrial sector, the “Second International Forum of Circular Economy: Transforming our Cities” will take place with the aim of developing and deepening the concept and application of the circular economy in the development model, prioritizing its application in cities, with special attention on the solid waste management, as in the Fishery, Aquaculture and Agriculture sectors.  The expectation is to generate and exchange experiences between the countries of the European Union and actors from the private, public, and academic sectors in Peru.