Lagos (Nigeria) Strategy Week

Lagos, Nigeria | 25th until 28th of March 2024

From 25 to 28 March, Holland Circular Hotspot together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Consulate General in Lagos, the Embassy in Abuja, the Nigerian Government and the Lagos Circular Business Platform are organising a strategy week to concretise the national circular roadmap!

Together with relevant stakeholders from the Nigerian government, businesses, knowledge institutes and NGOs, we will work on circular economy and waste interventions with short- and medium-term perspective. Take advantage of a unique opportunity supported by the Netherlands and Nigerian Agencies to refine your business model, find future partners and seize opportunities as a forerunner!


Momentum for application of circular solutions and further formalisation of specific waste management activities

Nigeria’s population is one of the world’s fastest growing, set to surpass the USA’s population by 2050. This growth is coupled with an increased need for productivity in a sustainable manner, which can be achieved through the production and consumption principles of the circular economy.

There is momentum for true circular application as well as further formalisation of waste management activities in areas such as the Agri-food & Biomass sector, Plastics and packaging, Electronics and Waste to Energy including digestion. Hence, the circular opportunities in Africa’s leading economy of Nigeria are multiple, and the closeness of the country to sustainable development is high. In fact, last year, Lagos, Nigeria organised the first circular Hotspot event on the African continent.

The Netherland Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Consulate General in Lagos, the Embassy in Abuja and Holland Circular Hotspot have been working intensively with local stakeholders such as Nigerian ministries, industries and the Lagos Circular Business Platform on pragmatic steps. Dutch expertise, coupled with the existing commitment from the Nigerian government and the private sector can render fruitful and lucrative outcomes for all parties involved.

Focus areas

Dutch companies and organisations active in the following areas are invited to join. A selection will be made as only a number of spots is available. Selected companies can be put in the spotlight during the interactive workshops, and join in on several activities supporting business development.

– Agrifood & Biomass
– Plastics & Packaging
– Electronics
– Waste to Energy / Digestion


How can you participate?

A limited number of spots is available. If you are enthusiastic and active in one of the mentioned sectors, then make sure to contact Freek van Eijk for more information via


Dutch Horticulture trademission to Lagos, Nigeria

This strategy week coincides with the Horticulture Mission to Lagos, Nigeria that takes place from March 24 to 28.