Liveability Challenge 2021 Application

online | 15th of January until 15th of April 2021

From 15 Jan to 15 April 2021, the Liveability Challenge, organised by Temasek Foundation and Eco-Business Singapore, is accepting proposals of ideas that will help cities accelerate decarbonisation and address its resource challenges. Finalists will compete for a grand prize of up to S$1 million in grant funding for project development.

The Liveability Challenge is open to all companies from around the world.

Proposals submitted needs to meet the following requirements :

  • Must have proof of concept
  • At least Technology Readiness Level 6
  • Must be applicable to Singapore and urban environments in the tropics

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Two main themes

Decarbonisation :

With global race for net zero cities underway, the Liveability Challenge is looking for the most innovative ideas that will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Key sectors with huge potential for decarbonisation solutions include energy generation, urban infrastructure, transport and logistics systems. The Liveability Challenge is also seeking revolutionary carbon capture, utilization and storage solutions to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere at scale.

Submitted solutions should :

  • significantly reduce carbon emissions produced by industries or effectively capture and convert carbon emissions into useful products such as food protein, building materials, reclamation sand and or synthetic fuels
  • Be either technology based solutions (eg physical, chemical) or natured-based solutions (eg biological capture and sequestration)
  • integrate into existing infrastructure or systems
  • be carbon negative in the overall lifecycle and have zero/minimal externalities
  • be commercially viable and scalable

Re-Imaging Resources

With rising constraints on land, energy and water, urban centres urgently need to find pathways to achieve a circular economy where waste is eliminated and business models are regenerative by design. The Liveability Challenge is looking for breakthrough technologies or materials that will reinvent waste streams into valuable resources or replace or reduce packaging in key sectors such as food and e-commerce. These solutions should significantly reduce the input of resources required in the production process and help achieve responsible consumption and production at scale.

Submitted solutions should:

  • replace/reduce plastic or virgin/hard-to-recycle paper packaging; utilize/convert food waste, plastic waste, or e-waste into valuable product/materials
  • drastically reduce land, water, energy and major resources required for the production of goods and services such as food and materials
  • keep reclaimed products in circulation at their highest value possible
  • exceed the performance of conventional materials and be cost-competitive
  • be closed-loop, commercially viable and scaleable